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I love being creative in every way possible

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I've been making and working with music for over a decade now. The first remixes and mashups I made back in 2010 were the reason why I decided to create my YouTube-Account in order to share my work with the world.

Later in the same year, I also discovered Let's Plays and started doing my own. Since 2013, I also do Livestreams on Twitch, reaching from regular gaming streams over music composing streams to special events.

I love to try out new things, which is what made me discover music competitions back in 2018. Since then I have been composing almost daily, making over 1000 tracks in just a few years and also winning a fair amount of the contests.


If you like my music, you may want to support me by purchasing my Discography on Bandcamp. If you buy the complete thing, you get a 80% Discount!

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Do you want me to compose something for your project? I offer several gigs on Fiverr and will happily compose a jingle, song or complete soundtrack to your exact specifications!

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