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2023-01-28 - 1068 Views

Welcome to my blog! I had this idea for a while now and I'm glad to finally write my first entry. My plan is to use this little corner of the internet to post updates on my projects and to share ideas and random thoughts I have with the world. For this entry, I decided to give you a little update on my projects, since this is probably the most interesting at the moment.

Some people may still know me from my early YouTube-days, when I was doing Let's Plays and silly VLOGs. One thing I can tell you for sure is that these days are behind me. It was a lot of fun in the past 10+ years, but I feel like I definitely moved on in my life. This also includes Gaming-Livestreams and Videos on the KleederBros channel. I actually disabled my Twitch-Account and don't plan on reactivating it, in case someone was wondering about that. It just didn't feel right to keep this account, which had a lot of followers waiting for new Gaming-Content. If I ever feel like doing Livestreams again, I will most likely start a new Account and will also mention it here!

For the KleederBros channel, things have been going kinda slow in the past years anyway. To be completely honest, my idea in the first place with this project was to just do like 5 Mario Projects with Ole and then forget about it. I didn't even plan to create its own channel for it and just do it on my old Let's Play channel instead. But in the end, Ole and me decided to make it a bigger thing and I also think it was a good decision to do this.
Just, for the past years, we have been focussing more and more on streaming instead and just mirrored our stream content to the channel, which kinda made the channel obsolete. Since I started working fulltime in March 2022, my limited time resulted in no new livestreaming at all and the whole project kinda died. I don't say we will never do another project together. Most likely some Mario-Let's Plays or a fun Minecraft-Session is definitely an option for the future. But it's nothing we have specific plans for right now and if anything happens, I will make sure to inform you here in a Blog.

There are plans I have to add a Mail-Newsletter for quick infos if a new Blog-Entry gets released. But so far, I was too lazy to actually look into this. I just saw more and more of my favorite Content-Creators starting their own Newsletter, and I feel like this medium is slowly getting back into the focus. My guess is that this happens because companies running social media platforms are getting less reliable. At least this is a reason why I decided to delete my public twitter account. In case you were wondering about that.

Let's see what other projects I am (or was) working on that need to get mentioned here...

On the YouTube-side of things, we have three more channels that are worth a mention. First, the diddytpmv-channel. For those who didn't know yet. I do have a YTPMV channel, but it has been inactive since 2020. I released a new video on it just a few days ago, you can check it here if you want, but it's mostly just a german meme, so please don't expect too much.

Does that mean, I will do YTPMVs again now? Well, the answer is no, sorry. This video was chilling in my main folder for 3 years now, almost finished, and I just wanted to get rid of it and decided to finish it in a few hours. I don't have any actual plans for future videos nor do I have the motivation to work on new ones. Unless that changes suddenly, I don't see the channel more active again in the future. But some of the old videos are public again, I hope that you enjoy them!

As a general note, you can always just send me a mail (admin at thiswebsite dot de) if you are looking for specific old content of mine. I can simply unlist it for you and send you the link. I just don't want all the content I ever did in the past 10+ years to be publicly available anymore. I hope you understand this.

The next channel I wanna talk about is my main channel. The one I created back in 2010 and that went through a lot of changes regarding its content. Recently, I uploaded a german VLOG on it and talked about my life situation a little. My plan is to keep doing this at an irregular schedule, because it is interesting to see how much my life changes over a few years. So I would say, if you speak german, it's worth subscribing to this channel, if you haven't already and are interested in my person.

And then, we have my music channel, which is by far my most active channel at the moment. I use it to share both my own music and the music I personally listen to as well. The BotB-Fav-Compilations will come to an end by the middle of February after 39 Videos. After that, I will upload some more of my own tracks and probably more cool music I come across. If there is a period of inactivity, it simply means I didn't release new tracks at that time and also have no cool music I didn't already share on there. But the channel will eventually publish more content.

Which brings me to the next big thing I work on: Music.
Music making became one of my most time consuming activities in the past years, and I love it. I mostly do music for and on Battle of the Bits, which will continue to be my main focus for this year as well. But apart from that, I am also working on an album!
Yea! An album! I hope it will get released sometime this Summer, but there's still a lot of work to do. I have a few Remakes and Covers planned as well, that will eventually just appear on my YouTube one day.

Last year was the release of Wiederholz, a Chiptune Album I did together with TrippleP! There are still a few physical copies left, in case you want one! But more importantly: There's a high chance for a sequel!!!
Wiederholz 2 could happen at some point. But again, a lot of work has to be done first. Don't expect it to get released this year.

The last music-related thing I wanna mention are: music commissions.
Yes, they are still open, even though my time is more limited nowadays due to work. But if you want me to compose something for you or your project, just hit me up. There's a paragraph on the main page about how to contact me. (It might change from time to time, so it's better to just look there instead of me telling you something outdated here...)

What else is on my Todo-List?
There are a few things that will most likely not really interest people here, since they are just for myself and will not result in any new content anywhere. For example, I am currently learning korean and I am also trying to watch all Let's Plays by lookslikeLink. Both projects are going well at the moment.

Something that is slowly getting a little more activity too is my writing. As some of you might know, I have been working on a novel for way too long now, and especially the past few years have been kinda low on hours I have put into it. But this is hopefully gonna change soon, and has already changed for the better by now! :D It will definitely still take a few more years (or a lot more years lol) until anything is actually finished, so be patient, but there's something to look forward to. I definitely do!!
I feel like, at some point, it makes sense to post some more information about the novel here in a Blog-Entry as well...

But for now, I think I talked for long enough! I can't really say how long it will take me until the next entry gets released here, but maybe it's a good idea to aim for 1 entry per month? Let's see if I can actually hold up to that, hm? xD

Thanks for reading and until next time!