Blog #11 - My first finished novel

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2023-12-02 - 291 Views

Wow! This november felt like two months instead of one. So many things happened!

Welcome to this blog entry!
So... what got done? After announcing the comeback of KleederBros last month, we focussed on recording new parts of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and even finished the game, though it will take a few more days to get published completely.
Our plan is to keep producing more videos for the channel soon, but Ole has ghosting me for two weeks now and currently I have no idea when we will be able to record new content. But it is definitely planned and will hopefully happen!

I also got back big time into battling, creating more short OHB-entries than usual. My plan to levelup one day got a higher priority again, hehe...
Along the smaller battles, I also did stuff for larger competitions. The already mentioned Grand Classist Tournament ended, and I managed to reach the Bronze rank! My entries for this event will get released as one album on Bandcamp soon. I want to finalize some more bonus content first, though.
TrippleP and me finished a collab together after months of not really working on anything together. We are very happy with the result. You can check out the track here.
And for my biggest announcement and one I am very happy and proud of: I finally managed to finish a novel. It is a short one, though. And it has nothing to do with my big book that I am working on for a decade already. But I am so glad that I finally managed to finish a written project - after so many stories I started and never completed. You can download and read the book here. Keep in mind it is completely in German. I want to update this very webpage at some point to feature a download for the pdf as well. I will probably also add an english translation for it, too at some point.
I hope you enjoy reading this little story. I feel more confident towards finishing my big project now as well!

As for the next month, my main focus will most likely stay on BotB and its very own Advent Calendar Event. Christmas is coming up, too, so I won't have as much time to work on other projects as well. But there are quite some ideas and todos I want to finish, so let's see how this will go.
As always, thanks for reading and until next time... which might already be in 2024 :o