Blog #12 - A look into the future - 2024 is coming!

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2023-12-30 - 321 Views

It is time for the last blog entry of the year.

Wow! Can you believe that the year is already over? It's crazy. As always, it feels like the time was flying at the end, and obviously, I wasn't able to finish all my ideas and projects I planned for 2023.
But I think, that's a good thing. What would 2024 be without some unfinished projects to start out with?
This blog is not meant to be a summary of the now finished year (you can simply read the previous blogs for that) but I still want to talk a little about this December as well as some things that I am planning for 2024! So... Let's Go!! :D

First, December things.
This month was a rather slow month, project-wise. For obvious reasons, like the christmas holidays, but also because I got sick halfway through and wasn't able to do much for over a week. But some things got done anyway.
I managed to reach the bronze and the silver rank of BotBs Very Rare Formats 2 event. My short novel Gefl├╝sterte Gedanken ended up on the 3rd rank overall, while my double sap collaboration with TrippleP called Professional Potato Stomper HD ended up on the 2nd rank overall. I am very proud and happy about these positions, the scores and the feedback I received on both submissions. I want to say once again, that you should really give my novel a shot, if you are a fan of fiction. There is an english DeepL-translation linked in the comments, just in case! :D
Staying in the battleofthebits-territory, I was also very active on submitting entries to the BotB Advent Calendar 2023 and as always you can check out my submissions on the site. I got less entries done than I wanted to, but life got in the way.

Last month, I mentioned an upcoming release of all my Grand Classist Tournament tracks, but there are still some Bonus Tracks I want to finish and this will probably keep me busy for at least another month, I'm afraid. Don't worry, the release will definitely happen, I just don't know yet, when it will be ready for publishing. Of course, I will inform you about it in a blog post, whenever it happens c:

Something else that some of you might've noticed is the return of Ultimate Chicken Horse on KleederBros. One of a few projects we planned for our comeback. I am glad we managed to get a few videos out already, and there is definitely a plan to do more (and other games as well), but at the moment, I cannot say anything about a schedule, because it is not easy to find time for recording sessions. If there are bigger upload gaps, please don't get impatient. We try our best to produce more content as soon as we can.

Another thing I would like to mention is another video project on my Let's Play channel. It is a walkthrough of the fangame Undertale Yellow, a game I was waiting for for over 5 years. I play and comment on it together with my partner, in english, so if you are interested about this, I would be happy if you check it out!

So much about this month. Let's talk about a little about projects I didn't manage to finish this year and the projects I will hopefully finish next year!
I opened up my amount of projects in 2023 again. I started new video series and got back into Let's Playing. Taking a look at my YouTube channels, there are a few things planned for the next year:

First, I will definitely continue to share oscilloscope-videos on KleederMusic. This is directly connected with my music plans, so I will talk more about that later on. As already mentioned, I will also try to put more focus on KleederBros again, but since this is a collaborative effort, I can not make any promises about when and how frequently there will be new content on this channel. I also hope to finish Undertale Yellow on KleederLP in the next weeks.
I have some more surprises in my head around reactivating some more of my existing channels, maybe. And also some ideas for projects on the already mentioned channels. Those are all very rough ideas so far, though, therefore I don't want to give too many details (and hopes) yet.
One thing I do want to mention, though, is the possibility of more travel VLOGs. I have made some travel plans for 2024 and even if I can't execute them all, there should still be a decent amount of little adventures that I can do and share in videos. So keep an eye out on the KleederDocs channel! (or blog posts around this topic...)

Next up, music releases!
There are quite a few musical projects I am currently working on. One of them got already mentioned in this blog post. It is the release of my Tournament-submissions. But there is more! I can't say so far, how big these projects will actually be at the end of the day nor how long they will actually take me and how much time I can spend on them, but I'm sure there will be a high output of musical content by me again. Just wait and see c:

The last big thing on the list is Writing. Obviously, my plan to finish the big novel is still in the room and my thoughts surround the project regularly. That's as much as I can and want to say about it for now. My finished short novel was a sweet way to get me back into writing, and I hope it takes over to the bigger project as well. We will see~

Apart from my projects and hobbies, I also have a job to do and a real life to handle. There are some bigger plans that I will approach for those areas of my life in the next year, too. Some big chances are coming for me personally and I am both excited and nervous about them. I'm really looking forward to the next year and I hope you do, too!
As I always say, no matter how good or bad your last year has been, I hope the next one will be better!

With this being said, thanks for reading, see you next year und guten Rutsch ;D/