Blog #13 - The Blogs are Back!

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2024-03-31 - 156 Views


So, it's April already and I only managed to release one blog this year (this one). What happened? So, first of all, time felt like it progressed much slower so far, probably because I had a lot of stuff to do but it included a lot of waiting inbetween. I can tell you, it's not yet over with the waiting sadly.

All of this was holding me back with my own projects. Plus I was working on some private projects which will never see the light of a public release, whoops~

I also think it doesn't make sense to force myself every month to share something on here, so from now on, I will only post whenever I have things to say! Which means, there are things I want to say today, yay! :D

As you might've noticed, the blog-page of this website got improved a little. The blogs are now sorted by year on the overview-page. Let me tell you, this is just the surface of a bigger refactoring i did for this page, which now allows me to write my blogs directly on this page and release them once they are ready. This should make it much simpler for me to get a new blog out!

There are a few more refactorings I want to do for this website, such as better usability of my Worldmap-Subpage - but that's for later :D

Apart from this website, I have been doing some music again! There was a release of an EP by me not long ago, and you might want to check it out on Bandcamp. The release is called The Adventures of Baskerville, and is somewhat of a concept album. Most of the tracks were made for the Grand Classist Tournament that I already talked about last year, but there are also a few new tracks! c:

I also decided to release another travel video on my Main YouTube Account (even though I said I wouldn't make one for my last trip in September). I just got motivated suddenly to cut the footage I recorded, so here it is. You can watch it here.

I'm also very happy to say that there's finally new content for the KleederBros-Channel, after a longer break we had to take because of things we will talk about later on! New projects and the return of Minecraft are about to happen!!! Exciting!

I think this was everything I wanted to share for now. Thanks for reading and see you next time! :D/