Blog #3 - Working on my novel

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2023-03-31 - 607 Views

Welcome to the 3rd Blog entry.
Suddenly, a quarter of 2023 is already over, isn't that crazy?

Let's start off by talking a little about the projects i finished and published this month.
I did a lot less music this month, but the commission I talked about in the previous blog post finally got uplaoded to YouTube and if you didn't already, you can check it out here. I'm blown away by how many people listened and liked the track already and I'm happy about that.
I also worked on a music track for a Commodore +4 Demo, which is about to get revealed next month. I will upload my track to YouTube in May.

So much about the music, let's talk a little about Videos.
It's more rare nowadays, but I actually finished a little video this month. It's a summary of my California visit last year. I wanted to do this video for a while now (after all, my stay over there was in September/October), but as it always is, something else came into my way and delayed the video production.
The video has german commentary on top of a lot of video recordings I did. So, if you understand german and/or just want to look at some impressions, you can find the finished video if you follow this link.

This month has also been a very productive one regarding work on my novel!
Yes, for real! I mean, I didn't actually wrote any new chapters or anything, but I got far with figuring out the plot itself, character developments and some general logical issues the world still had.
And guess who helped me with all that. It was ChatGPT.
Yes, I am not joking. I just got into a general conversation with the AI about my novel and the ideas I had and the chatbot started replying not only with what it thought could be a logical issue in my storyline but also gave ideas and inspirations for some development in it.
Of course, a lot of these things were... not so helpful. But some ideas were actually interesting and something I will consider putting into the actual thing in a way. The bot definitely helped me with figuring out the background of evolution in my world, because that is one of the main focusses I have. Creating a fantasy world, where the creatures inhabitating it still feels like something that could possibly exist, by keeping the evolutionary theory in mind, is something very important for me and possibly the key reason why I even started writing the whole thing.
The same goes for geographics and climate regions. Discussing it with the AI led to some interesting results and some of them might come in handy for my upcoming writing process.

So, what is the summary of all this for now?
The work on my novel feels like its going well! Even if I didn't really wrote down any actual content for it, I did a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure everything sits a little more nicely. I will still hold back on actual content or information about the story and world for now, but I'm feeling a lot more positive about my work again and also about sharing some of it with you in an upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

For now, this is all I have to say! Next month, I will visit the USA for 2 weeks again and it is planned to release another video log about it. I guess that will happen in May. The travel is also a reason why I won't write a blog post in April (sorry). Maybe a very short one... maybe...! But the next real thing is gonna happen by the end of May. See you then and thanks for reading!