Blog #5 - The busy month


2023-05-29 - 560 Views

It's been a while!
After a 2-week vacation in California and a very busy May, I am finally giving another update on my projects.

Sooo, what got done?
I was finally able to get a lot more structure into my novel notes and I think it will give me a better foundation to continue work on the actual writing. This was mostly done on the plane, thanks to insanely long flight times between Germany and West US.

In America, I recorded a lot of new content for an upcoming VLOG on my Main Channel. I originally planned to finish it within this month already, but as always, other things came in the way.

Other things?

Yes! I was working more on music again this month as well as in the second half of April. Most of this output was uploaded to and will go public on my YouTube-Channel too within the next months.
One track I would like to highlight in this blog post is Badge Quest. An entry which is supposed to mark the end of a long-time quest of me trying to get every single format badge on BotB. The journey is almost completed now (until a new format gets added) and I learned a lot on that way. A separate post about this will probably appear as soon as I am actually done. Although it might get posted in a different place, I will let you know here where you can find and read it c:

I am also very proud of having finished a nsf to bytebeat converter, with the help of miau and argarak. The source code to this converter will get released soon on my Github-Page. You can check out a first tune made and converted with it here.

And that's it for this month!
I am still working on several projects everytime I am not busy with my job or private stuff (and there is a lot of that every week)! Things are slowly progressing and so far I had something to talk about in every new Blog post. Let's see how this continues.
Thanks for reading and until next month ^-^/