Blog #6 - About my music deletion and travel plans

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2023-06-25 - 555 Views

Can you believe that half of 2023 is already over now?
Yea, me neither... x)

Today, I have a big set of topics for you.
First of all, there is a little new addition to this blog-section and you probably already noticed it. Blog posts are now categorized by tags, so you can filter them more easily and if you're only interested in certain topics, you can ignore the other posts. Be aware that I might forget to add a tag sometimes, though. And sometimes, I only mention a little thing in once sentence and decide not to label the whole post with this topic, even though it might be an interesting piece of information for you. So, you better check every blog post anyway after all if you really don't want to miss anything, hehe~

Next up, we have MUSIC as a topic. Some of you might've noticed already, that my Bandcamp got a lot smaller suddenly. So, what happend?
Due to some ... reasons which I don't want to explain in detail, I decided to delete my music on all the distributor-services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc.
This made me realize how crowded and confusing my bandcamp page was, too. I mean, it all made sense to me and had a logical structure, but to an outsider, it was all confusing and probably too much as well. A lot of the "releases" were just compilations and collections with no real thought behind them. I wanted to change that. Most tracks on there were ones I never really liked myself and I only put them on there to keep the bandcamp "complete". But to be honest, I think it's time to move away from that. Welcome to the age of SIMPLICITY! Yea.
I removed all releases from my bandcamp which were simple collection and compilation-releases and kept the actual albums online. Next up is the release of an actual album which will include some but not all of my tracks. Especially those I personally really enjoy. I will also try to give this album an actual structure, maybe compose a few new tracks for it too and give it a nice listening experience. That is, I think, where I want to go as an artist. Most of the deleted tracks can still be found on my battleofthebits profile.

Another thing I want to talk about today is Traveling. I hope this isn't too much out of context but after all I already uploaded some travel VLOGs in the past. And lately, I spend more and more time looking through videos and images of far away countries. I really want to visit more regions of our lovely planet, especially experience different kinds of landscapes and climate regions. I hope I can get more inspiration for my novel through that but also obviously gain some general new experiences. Sooo... I made a list. A list of countries I have been to already and countries I still want to go to.
Currently, I visited 11 countries, if you count my home country as well. These are Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, GB, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Sweden and the USA. As you can see, most of these are in Europe. And while I still want to visit more of this small, little continent, I really want to see more of the rest, too!
My ultimate goal would be to visit every continent once in my life. If you go by the most common count, that is seven continents. Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North America, Australia and Antarctica. Of course, I will try to document everything in videos and release it on my channel. This reminds me, I still have an America VLOG to cut and release... hopefully by next month!
I think, I will make a little subpage here where I list more stats, planned country visits etc... It seems like an interesting addition here. And probably a better place than this blog post c:

In other words, this should be enough for today! See you all next month, and thanks for reading!