Blog #7 - Mid-Summer Blog

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2023-07-31 - 494 Views

Is it really the middle of Summer? Looking outside right now, it feels more like Mid-Fall, maybe. Very crazy, rainy and cold weather over here in Hamburg. But I shldn't complain because I don't think I could stand a heatwave right now anyway haha...
And apart from that, there were some very nice weeks this month, too!
Let's see what happend and what I could talk about, hmm...

In the first two weeks of July, I had people visiting me. We had a great time, did a lot of things and just enjoyed the Summer.
The one thing I should mention here from that time is the collaboration that we did. It's a music track with vocals, a flute solo and some chiptune beep boop (i made the chiptune beep boop). The title is Parallel Worlds and you should definitely check it out, right here, right now!
A big thank you to Mioh and OPM for collabing with me on it! And thanks to you two for the fun weeks together in general!

While we are talking about music anyway, let's have a look at the other tracks I released this month. It's not a lot... after all I was very busy with Real Life stuff this month. But I managed to compose three little chiptunes for the currently ongoing Summer Chip XIII on battleofthebits. You should browse the battle and watch out for my stuff! c:

One thing I forgot to mention last month is the Re-Release of my album Collaborative Works on Bandcamp. It used to be a Spotify-only album, but as I said in the last blog, I deleted my DistroKid-account and lost all my Spotify-Releases. This Re-Release has some tracks replaced with newer collabs, but the main thing stays: it's all collab-music I did with other people. You should really check it out, if you didn't yet.

Regarding the other planned music releases, let's say I did some rough planning aka brainstorming so far and sketched some ideas I had in mind.
I have quite a few ideas for projects and at the moment, I am not sure in which order I will approach them and when things will be finished. But if I make actual progress on something, I will make sure to tell you here! ...unless something is supposed to be a surprise release. WOA!

The same thing applies to my novel. I did more brainstorming and sketched more ideas. It's still a lot of fun to play around with the world I created and come up with more and new scenarios and characters. My personal goal regarding this part of my projects right now is to make more time for it by quickly finishing my other currently important projects. There is one bigger music project for an event which is about to happen again in September... some people might know what I am talking about.
But my fixed goal for novel writing this year is to get x% more done. It's a very precised goal, I know. I guess what I want to achieve is progress, that actually feels like progress. Let's see how this goes.

I also want to get an actual map for my world commissioned and maybe start teasing actual characters or places next year(?). It could help me with being more productive.

And, as the last thing for today: my America VLOG from April. I didn't forget about it, I simply didn't have the time to work on it. But I will make an announcement now: It will be done by the release of the next blog post at the end of August. LET'S HOPE I'M CORRECT ABOUT THAT, HM??
Along with that (or shortly afterwards) I am also thinking about releasing an interactive world map with locations and both info and VLOG links. It could turn into a really cool thing, as soon as I travel more and release even more VLOGs. Right now, we are just at the start of this new Kleeder arc :D

That's all for July! Thank you for reading and until next time!