Blog #8 - Comeback of Let's Plays and WoC

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2023-08-31 - 410 Views

I love the end of August, when the summer is slowly ending. I love to get up in the morning and the air is filled with the smell of Fall already, but just slightly. It usually makes me look back onto the past months and how many cool things I experienced.
This summer was no exception here. I did so many cool things and a lot of days have been absolutely amazing and full of memories! This august was filled with many great projects I worked on, so let me get to them!

Let's talk a little about music. My main focus has been composing new tracks for the annual Week of Charity. Yes, it is happening again! I already composed music for it in 2021 and 2022 and am excited for the 3rd iteration of the project, featuring (as always) a full week of nonstop-streaming, many streamers, lots of games and most importantly a lot of fun! If you hear some music playing in the background or the pause-screens, it might be one of mine. Around half of the tracks were also done by mioh, though!
There were probably a few other tracks i composed, but they were mostly little sketches or experiments and you can find them on my YouTube-Channel, if you are interested.

Moving on to something else. Travel. As I already mentioned in the last Blog, I really wanted to finish my travel VLOG about the California visit in April this year, and luckily, I did it! You can watch it here. I also added a new page on this website, which features a worldmap. The usability on mobile devices isn't as great as I want it to be yet, especially the frag/drop doesn't work as intended. But if you access the page on a desktop device, it should work fine! You can see countries marked on the map that I already visited in my life, and green dots are clickable and lead to my travel VLOG from that visit.
My long-term goal is to feature more info and pictures on that page whenever you click any of the countries. Basically, I want it to be my own little travel-diary.

And as the last big thing this month, and mostly interesting for german readers probably, is my Let's Play-Channel. I started a Mario Kart Wii Let's Play in the middle of the month and had the goal to collect all gold medals and unlock all characters and vehicles. I'm basically done by now, but want to finish the project with some guest parts, therefore it will run for a few more weeks probably.
This is a one-time comeback and I am not planning to do any other Let's Plays for now, but never say never. One day, my motivation might come back once more.
For now, if you have a few hours to spare and speak german, feel free to check out this new project!

For September, there is the release of the Week of Charity 2023 Soundtrack planned, and also another trip to California by the end of the month! Therefore, my next blog will either be slightly early or a little late. Enjoy the rest of summer and I hope you to be back for my next blog entry in a month~
Thanks for reading!