Blog #9 - Tournament-Participation and my Vacation

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2023-10-04 - 382 Views

Suddenly, it is October... :o

Sorry for the little delay on this blog entry. The reason why might be obvious for some, since I already said in my previous blog that there might be a tiny delay due to my California visit.
I am now back in Germany and ready to rock the show once again, though!

Let's take a look at what I did in the past month. First, I wanna thank everyone who watched my Mario Kart Wii-Let's Play. The project was finished just before I left for my USA trip with 69 (lol) Parts. The feedback on this project has been amazing and much more than I ever expected when I started it. As I already said, I don't really plan to do more Let's Plays anytime soon on that channel, but maybe that opinion and mood will change over time. I noticed how I got more motivated to play Mario Kart 8 again lately, so maybeeee.....? Time will tell, hehehe~

Another thing I already talked about last time was the Week of Charity and the soundtrack I did for the event together with mioh. You can check out the full release here on Bandcamp!
I also did some music and reviews for an ongoing Tournament on I barely made it into Round 2, so I am happy to work on the next round and I am also excited to see what other people will do as well. I really enjoy tournaments and hope to join more in the future. There is a YouTube-Playlist containing reviews by me of every round and submission, so you can check that out if you are interested.

Apart from these projects I worked on, my main focus this month has been on chilling and doing nothing at all.
That's right. I chilled.
I had a really great time in California, including a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and a roadtrip to the Giants Forest (see images below).

I am currently unsure if I want to cut a whole video for these things, so maybe I will work more on my worldmap-subpage here instead and share some pictures and videos through that one. I have other projects to focus on this month though, so no guarantee.

BUT if everything goes as planned, I will have some big news to share by the end of the month, so I hope you are looking forward to that! See you next time and thanks for reading! :D